Cannes 2012 – Milena’s frontrunners got top awards with Michael Haneke’s LOVE receiving the Palme d’Or. Can’t wait to see it and compare it to Andreas Dresen’s HALT AUF FREIER STECKE /STOPPED ON TRACK which won an award at Cannes in 2011 and tackles the same topic –dying–only Dresen’s character is 35 not 80. Also I heard that Haneke’s film has a nude scene of the eighty or so year old Emmanuelle Riva, a fabulous actress – remember HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR? – and even that has been addressed by Dresen’s CLOUD 9, which was shown in Cannes in 2009. It depicting nudity and sex between septuagenarians. Is Andreas Dresen always ahead? I will have to see the latest Haneke film to confirm. In the meantime we will wait patiently for the winners and losers – they might be good too.

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