A Sad Update to the Chicken Stories

Granny was hacked apart by a hawk. We all witnessed the attack and ran inside only Iris must not have made it to safety. When we huddled together for the night Iris was missing and she never came back.  She disappeared without a trace, not even a black feather in the yard. Could the hawk have been so greedy that he lifted her off the ground after devouring Granny? While we were running inside? No remains were found, no blood, no feathers, no screaming… Tux died today after a short illness of unknown causes. And Sugar stopped laying the XL eggs that we all so admired, especially our caretakers – may be they were too big.  So we are now reduced to a small family of 7 and only Brownie still lays an egg every day.

Hope next time we will have better news to report. Stay tuned.


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