Chicken Stories- Update

Hey, remember me? Audrey from the chicken coop (photo1). I told you our story a while ago and believe it or not, I’m still around. I’m more than 6 years old, ancient for chickens who still lay eggs and I still do – not every day but in the spring with lots of sun and good food and nice caretakers I got back into the swing. A white egg almost every day. Can you see my ear lobes on the photo? They are white, that means white eggs. The sad news is that some of my old companions died – Hilary (photo 2) all beautiful white feathers and ear lobes – competition?  no, we did not fight for food or anything else. She stopped laying eggs a while ago  and then because of old age she passed away recently. The caretakers gave her a beautiful last resting place (photo 3) – nice people. And a month earlier  Wackelkopf (photo 4) who had joined us just a year or so ago, passed away. A sad story – she was an outcast almost from the beginning because of a shaky head and nobody (including me) were nice to her (photo 5). Sorry Wackelkopf, but life is tough (also for chickens) and then you die. One of the caretakers took you home and tried to make the transition as comfortable as possible. I wasn’t around but hope you had no pain. Who is left from the old guard?  Ruby (some call her Phoenix) who Tessa, the young caretaker, picks her up like a baby, she says, and puts her on her lab (photo 6). Copper, another oldie, (photo 7)  prefers the fly on the older care taker’s lab. Those are my only 2 companions from many years ago. Everybody else was replaced with a mix of brown and white and I have had a hard time to keep them apart. Judge for yourself (photo 8 – 13) The last replacements came only a few weeks ago and some of them are already laying eggs – the caretakers must love that. Tessa named all of them and she is the only one who knows who is who – Brownie, Honey, Sugar, Chocolate, Buttercup, Cotton Candy and  Caramel. I don’t know who is who but still they all follow my orders..

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