WHAT DID YOU DO DURING COVID, OMA? (includes more on the Chickens)

My granddaughter Ella asked me that question and here is what came to mind.

I watched a lot of films on MUBI which became my favorite screening channel. I used to watch movies in the theaters, also with you, Ella, remember? But lying on the couch in my living room is something I learned during Covid and I like it. Will I go back to the theatres? I hope so. Next week the 25th edition of Berlin & Beyond  – May 25 to May 30 – will screen 2 films in theaters, the rest online. As a co-founder and long-time director I was asked to contribute one of my favorites. I suggested a few  films, most of them small productions that were not available so I ended up with Christian Petzold’s YELLA, and I am glad to see it again. A mesmerizing, compelling film that has Petzold’s unmistakable signature. A suspenseful thriller embedded in Germany’s past, elegant, clean cinematography and at the center the fabulous Nina Hoss, his long time collaborator. 

I watched Baby Sasha grow from a few weeks to a few months. Then he was packed into an astronaut’s suit and flew with mommy to Budapest without Oma – but I will visit soon. 

I watched you, Ella, navigate through zoom school and it was hard – you need real people to learn from – but you learned plenty from watching ipad, and from helping your sister Tessa get through the Covid isolation. Doggie Millie (adopted after Cleo’s sudden heart attack)) helped as well and was the only unhappy one when school opened again.  

Like everybody else I started baking bread – and pizza –  and I really like it!

We saw another chicken die – Pumpkin RIP – and 4 new ones arrive that started laying eggs. And we found out that the color of the egg matches the color of the chick’s ear.  

And I saw the monster house next to my cottage getting bigger and higher.  

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