I watched a lot of films on MUBI that became my favorite channel. I used to watch movies in the theaters, also with you, remember? But doing it on a couch in my living room, as you watch youtube, is something I learned during Covid and I like it. But I will go back to the theatres, I promise. Next week it will be the 25th edition of Berlin & Beyond  – May 25 to May 30 – and as a co-founder and long-time director I was asked to contribute one of my favorites. I suggested a few  films, most of them small productions that were not available to be screened at the festival. It came down to Christian Petzold’s YELLA, and I am glad to have see it again. A mesmerizing, compelling film that has Petzold’s unmistakable signature of thriller suspense embedded in politics, with elegant, clean cinematography and at the center the fabulous Nina Hoss, his long time collaborator. 

I watched Baby Sasha grow from a few weeks to a few months. Then he was packed into an astronaut’s suit and flew with mommy to Budapest without Oma – but I will visit soon. 

I watched you, Ella, navigate through zoom school and it was hard – you need real people to learn from – but you learned plenty from watching ipad, and from helping your sister Tessa get through the Covid isolation. Doggie Millie (adopted after Cleo’s sudden heart attack – not Covid)) helped as well,  the only unhappy one when school opened again.  

Like everybody else I started baking bread – and pizza –  and I really like it!

We saw another chicken die – Pumpkin RIP – and 4 new ones arrive that started laying eggs. And we found out that the color of the egg matches the color of the chick’s ear.  

And I saw the monster house next to my cottage getting bigger and higher.  

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